Back to Blogging?

Earlier this evening (and yes, I do consider it this evening, although it is currently 3:20 a.m…), I attended a meeting regarding how to organize neighborhoods for Morgan Philpot’s campaign.   In speaking with our host’s wife, I discovered she is an avid blogger (see here: ).  She asked if I blogged, and offered to help me set up an account.   I explained that I had set one up, but had only written one blog.  When I got home, I checked out her blog and found it to be perfectly delightful.  Why have I not kept up with mine?  I think I got caught up in the idea that each blog must be well written and offer some contribution to society…  LOL   Well, I have changed my viewpoint, and will start blogging more often, and not be so uptight about content.  I have a lot I want to say, and to be perfectly frank, not much of it will contribute to society, as a whole.  However, the people in my “immediate” society will likely enjoy what I want to say, and that is enough for me…..  Stay tuned!


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